Ubuntu create Hotspots and open a subnet on WiFi or Ethernet

December 26, 2020, 1:15 pm

You have a Computer connected to the internet over WiFi or Ethernet,but now have another device, that you want to connect to the Network, but you don't have the opertunity to do it directly. When i am Stuck in this situation i often think about creating a Hotspot from another device or maybe connecting an Ethernetport from my computer directly to an Ethernetport of the device.

This is what needs to be done on the Host device: install these packages: plasma-nm kde-cli-tools install or:

sudo apt install plasma-nm kde-cli-tools

to open the nm type:

kcmshell5 kcm_networkmanagement

There you can add a shared connection for WiFi or Ethernet. With right click you can connect to it.